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You shouldn’t have a problem securing, temporarily locking, and transporting your dog. However, some dog owners are having a hard time finding a heavy duty dog crate that is ideal for “escape artists.” This article contains a list of heavy duty dog crates that are designed in a way that your dog cannot escape and damage property or harm themselves.

A dog crate is quite a good investment if your dog is aggressive and strong, and chews or claws on regular crates until they escape. Read along these reviews so you can find the right dog crate that meets your preference.

How to Choose Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Here are some of the factors you need to consider when choosing dog crates:

  • Sturdiness – despite being constructed from strong materials, the main drawback with heavy duty dog crates is that they tend to fall apart at the joints easily. This is normally because of poor welding to attach the edges. Therefore, you need to check how the product is welded, and know the strength of the brand before buying a dog crate.
  • Ease of cleaning – cleaning a dog crate can be a bit difficult for most owners, especially those with big dogs as they soil their crates quicker than small dogs. There is no need to scrub hard when you choose a crate that is rust protected or one that is made from heavy duty galvanized metal that you can easily wipe clean in a few minutes.
  • Mobility – your choice of a heavy duty dog crate should not be limited only to a kennel that you will use in your home. Instead, go for a crate that makes mobility possible. There are products that also function as a travel crate within the same price range. Some crates are lightweight enough for you to carry them easily when you travel; some are even Air Transport compliant, so you can take your dog on a flight. Even if you will only use the crate at home, you can purchase one with wheels, so you can easily move it around.
  • Warranty – before purchasing your dog crate, make sure that the manufacturer offers warranty to protect you from spending unnecessarily. When you have the right warranty, this ensures that you will be compensated for any kind of damage caused by either the manufacturer or dealer. This will guarantee that the dog crate is heavy duty enough that it will last a really long time, even if the dog is aggressive.

Recommended Heavy Duty Dog Crate Table

Heavy Duty Dog Crate Product Details

ProSelect Empire Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Customer Satisfaction: 91%


ProSelect Empire Heavy Duty Dog Crate Review by

Product Details

ProSelect Empire Heavy Duty Dog Crate is quite possibly the world's strongest dog cage. Designed specifically to contain powerful or aggressive dogs, these cages feature strong steel tubing, stout dual door latches and heavy-duty welding at stress points.

Constructed to be the Alcatraz of pet cages, the ProSelect Empire Dog Cage ¾" frame is forged from 20-gauge steel and reinforced by ½" diameter steel tubes for the strongest, sturdiest, most durable cage on the market. Designed specifically for powerful dogs that are able to claw or chew their way out of other cages and crate.

  • Virtually indestructible heavy-duty welds and stout dual door latches
  • Finished in long-lasting, high-grade hammertone
  • Rust-resistant and durable
  • Floor Grate With Tray – Cleanup is easy with this ProSelect dog cage because of its grated floor with tray
  • The ProSelect Empire Dog Cage includes four removable locking casters for added mobility

Material: 20-gauge steel reinforced by ½" diameter steel tubes

Size: Large

Outside dimensions: 42¼"L x 30¾"W x 41¼"H

Inside dimensions: 40¾"L x 28⅛"W x 31¾"H

Grain Valley Dog Supply - Collapsible, Aluminum Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Customer Satisfaction: 94%


Grain Valley Dog Supply Collapsible Aluminum Heavy Duty Dog Crate Review by

Product Details

This exceptional collapsible heavy duty dog crate is safe, sturdy and virtually indestructible.

Collapses in minutes: This heavy-duty all-aluminum crate conveniently collapses in minutes to less than eight inches in height for easy transportation.

Durable!: Extremely rust-resistant powder-coated .063 aluminum construction, crush-proof corners, marine-grade stainless steel latches, welded "no-rust" rivets, and 3/8" bars with welded cross-bar for stability make this crate virtually indestructible!

Convenient: This crate can be set up or taken down in seconds for easy transport. Handy drain holes allow for easy and quick cleaning. Handles for easy carrying.

4-Sided ventilation: Superior flow-through ventilation on all four sides keeps your dog comfortable and safe and the taller height allows more headroom for your pet. Our crate is 100% dog friendly with absolutely no harmful toxins, chemicals, or dyes in any of the materials.

Safe and Secure: Convenient marine grade stainless steel "Slam Latch" means that there is no need to lock the door behind your dog. More great features: Airline rail storage slots, spring-loaded handles, full-length piano hinge, proudly Made in the USA

LUCKUP Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Customer Satisfaction: 78%


LUCKUP Heavy Duty Dog Crate Review by

Product Details

LUCKUP heavy duty dog crate comes in two different sizes, 38 inches and 42 inches, Suitable for dogs of different sizes. If the dog is large in size, don't worry, the 42-inch model is enough to accommodate it.

The tube adopts precise spray paint technology, and no rust is a major feature.

The material of the tube is a solid metal pipe.

The tray is not easy to damage, elastic material, very convenient for the dog's cleaning work.

The wheel is a universal wheel that can be rotated 360 degrees.

It is equipped with a lock, which can be fastened by pressing the lock button.

Suitable for indoor, fresh and eye-catching

Suitable for the yard,spend leisure time

Suitable for outdoor, let dogs close to the nature

Easy to assemble, Just need to fit with four wheels then fix with eight screws, other locks have been pre-loaded, Just 3-5 minutes to complete

Heavy duty steel frame, strong and durable, suitable for many large dogs

Overall Dimensions: 37.5"L X 25.5"W X 32"H 

Internal height of the dog cage (excluding wheels): 27"H

Metal pipe spacing :2" 

Meta l"slat-like" floor spacing: 1"

Double door design: The big door in front is suitable for pet in and out,aslo can open the door of the top

Zinger Winger Aluminium Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Customer Satisfaction: 91%


Zinger Winger Aluminium Heavy Duty Dog Crate Review by

Product Details

Aluminum Construction: ZINGER crates are constructed from lightweight aircraft grade aluminum which is known for its durability and strength. Aluminum crates are perfect for dogs who often destroy or break out of plastic and wire crates. While built to be strong and secure, Zinger crates are light enough to be handled by one person with little effort.

Lockable Slam Latch: Each door comes with a flush mounted slam latch which is keyed for added security while you are away from the crate. Rest assured that someone cannot simply open the crate and walk away with your dog.

Made from strong "stainless steel" for durability and to prevent corrosion. 

Modular Design: All ZINGER dog crates can be coupled side by side or stacked atop one another to form multiple dog crate systems or kennel banks.

Crates arrive disassembled in flat shipping box. Need some assembly, but use common, household tools.

Ventilation: A Zinger dog crate is fully vented down each side and along the back wall to provide maximum comfort for your dog. Our open design allows air to pass freely thru the door aided by the triple rows of lower and upper vent holes which surround the crate. By its very nature aluminum quickly dissipates heat making it a great material to construct dog crates provided there are enough air holes. Lots of adequate venting ensures your dog will remain safe while in its crate.

Dimensions: 28"Wide x 32"High x 40"Long.

Crate weighs 49 Lbs.

Accommodates dogs up to 150 lbs.

Benefits Of Using A Heavy Duty Dog Crate

These are some of the important benefits that you can get when you use a heavy duty dog crate:

  • It is ideal for dog breeders.
  • House training time can be cut in half.
  • It solves behavioral problems like nervousness, scratching, barking, and chewing.
  • It keeps the dog secure.
  • Wire materials allow for visibility and proper ventilation.
  • It is recommended by breeders, trainers, and veterinarians.

Features To Look For In A Heavy Duty Dog Crate

If you have a dog that is really good in escaping their cage, you have to consider getting a heavy duty crate that is specifically constructed for these types of dogs.

However, not every crate sold as “heavy duty” or “escape proof dog crate” lives up to its name. No crate is effective all the time with all kinds of dogs. With that being said, there are still some features that are normally connected with the most resilient crates.

  • Heavy duty dog crates must be constructed from metal. A fragile piece of plastic may keep calm dogs from escaping, but dogs with severe separation anxiety would quickly destroy the plastic. Note that not every metal is totally dog-proof, but most of them are a much better choice than other materials.
  • Dog crates with solid, but ventilated walls are generally the most secure crates. There are some sturdy crates made with metal wire or tubular steel walls, but dogs can sometimes escape from these walls. In comparison, even the most skilled escape artist dogs cannot pass through solid walls.
  • Good dog crates do not compromise ventilation for security. You cannot sacrifice the comfort and well-being of your dog, regardless of how difficult it is to keep him inside the crate. Crates with poor ventilation can quickly become stagnant and damp, which can cause bacteria to spread.
  • Dog crates that have wheels and a removable pan offer more convenience, without sacrificing security. Wheels are quite handy because of the weight of some heavy duty crates, and removable pans allow you to easily clean up spills.
  • The best dog crates have latches that your dog cannot reach. Lots of dogs find a way to outwit simple locks, which is why you need to choose a dog crate that has latches that your dog will find difficult to manipulate. Considering that, slam latches automatically engage when the door is closed, so these are usually the most effective.

Why Do You Need the Best Heavy Duty Dog Crate?

Some dog owners are content with other types of crates for their dogs, but others will find out the hard way that only a heavy duty dog crate will suit their dog.

Here are some of the reasons to buy a heavy duty dog crate:

  1. Extra strength – if your dog is strong, they can easily destroy a crate that is made from plastic or fabric. A heavy duty dog crate offers more strength to put up with your dog.
  2. For dogs that chew a lot – some dogs can be excessive chewers, which means they can escape by chewing their way out of their crate made of plastic, fabric, or even an inferior quality metal. It is a much better investment to get a dog crate that is chew-proof.
  3. Injury-free – a great heavy duty dog crate ensures the well-being and safety of your dog all the time. If your dog tries to chew their crate that is not heavy duty enough, they can be at risk of having an injury when they try to escape.

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